USA found a way to punish Europe with the help of beer


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If the United States will approve the new duties on beer from Europe, its delivery will have to almost completely stop. This was stated by Secretary General of the European Association of brewers Pierre-Olivier Bergeron, reports RIA Novosti.

The right to punish Europe with the help of such actions the White house received last year, when the world trade organization (WTO) acknowledged the US victory in the case of subsidies to Airbus.

European beer producers were expecting that the sanctions will affect only non-alcoholic product, but was surprised to find myself in the list, presented on Tuesday, June 23, the office of the U.S. trade representative. The selected method of administration duties, said the head of the Association, will lead to an unprecedented impact on the industry and especially by small and medium-sized Breweries.

According to Bergeron, the supply in the United States account for 30 percent of exports of beer, many craft Breweries develop their business at the expense of such deliveries. Large companies suffer less because they have production in the United States.

The new duty will also apply to products such as olives and gin, and applicable fees with the European cheese, yogurt and planes will grow. In the European Association of chocolate, biscuit and candy (CAOBISCO), whose products were also affected, noted that after the introduction of sanctions in force can lose the largest export market.

The EU, in turn, have requested from the WTO the right to impose tariffs on American goods amounts to 11.2 billion dollars on a similar case involving subsidies to us airlines. The organization must adopt a decision in July. According to experts, the growing contradictions can lead to full-fledged trade war between the United States and the European Union.

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