USA want to buy Nokia in spite of China


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The U.S. authorities thought about the possibility of the absorption of European Ericsson and Nokia in spite of American companies to China. About it writes The Wall Street Journal, citing sources.

According to the newspaper, the White house is circulating a report that one of the authors of which are the former Director of NASA Daniel Goldwin and ex-member of the Nokia leadership Hossein muin. The document refers to the establishment under the auspices of the United States technology consortium, which will compete with Chinese Huawei. The idea appreciated group of private investment firms headed by Cerberus Capital.

The American administration is ready to stimulate the absorption of Ericsson and Nokia such leaders of the American technology sector, as Cisco Systems, writes the WSJ. In Washington can provide European companies tax incentives to provide greater access to financing for export operations or to provide state support to companies, agreed to buy Ericsson and Nokia. However, the American technology company reserved attitude to the initiative, since not too interested in the takeover of second-tier companies like Ericsson and Nokia.

In may 2019, the President of the United States Donald trump signed the emergency decree for the protection of U.S. information and communication infrastructure against foreign threats, the results of which Huawei was in the black list. Chinese companies issued a temporary General license for 90 days, which was granted the right to maintain the network and upgrade software for smartphones. Then the resolution has been repeatedly extended.

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