Facebook “was renamed” Kiev


www.vsyako.netThe Kiev-Pechersk levratto: Eugene Youngster / AP

The Minister of foreign Affairs of Ukraine Dmytro Kuleba said on his page in Facebook that the social network decided to change the rule by writing the name of Kiev in English.

It will be replaced with “Kiev” to “Kyiv”, according to the official transliteration of the Ukrainian alphabet. “Engineers of the social network switched all use Kyiv. Previously, if you wanted to celebrate our capital, the first option is, by definition, the algorithm proposed Kiev. From now on it will be Kyiv — addresses and locations that mention the capital of Ukraine, will use exactly the same transliteration from Ukrainian, not Russian” — wrote the diplomat.

Kuleba added that “renaming” will not affect the old mark with the name of the Ukrainian capital, but the new will be “correct”. “I thank Facebook for this decision. The capital of Ukraine has the right to transliteration from Ukrainian, not Russian. This important step will help us to fix #KyivNotKiev and the rest of cyberspace”, — concluded the foreign Minister.

In June 2019 Council of the United States on geographical names decided to change the rule writing of the Kiev international database. Variant spelling of the Ukrainian capital was also changed to “Kyiv”.

The renaming campaign of the Ukrainian capital in English began in 2018. One of the first to the new spelling over the institutions of the European Union. The name Kyiv is Kiev react differently in Western countries. In the English pronunciation of the word fact is not different, changes occurred only in appearance.

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