Margot Robbie will replace johnny Depp in “Pirates of the Caribbean”


www.vsyako.netA scene from the movie “birds of Prey: an Amazing story of Harley Quinn”

Australian actress Margot Robbie will replace johnny Depp in one of the films in the franchise “Pirates of the Caribbean”. This publication reports The Hollywood Reporter.

Robbie will play a major role, and the script of the new film will be written by Christina Hodson (Christina Hodson), last worked with her on the film “birds of Prey: an Amazing story of Harley Quinn”. It is expected that neither the plot nor the characters will not be associated with past episodes of “Pirates of the Caribbean”, which starred Depp.

In parallel, work continues on another film in the franchise, the script of which is written by the Creator of the series “Chernobyl” Craig Mazin and one of the authors of the script of the first parts of “Pirates of the Caribbean” Ted Elliot. It is expected that it will be removed Joaquim Ronning — Director released in 2017, the movie “pirates of the Caribbean: Dead men tell no tales”.

Margot Robbie is known for his roles in the films “birds of Prey”, “suicide Squad,” “Once in… Hollywood”, “Tonya against all” and “the Wolf of wall street”. The track record of Christine Hodson’s includes the movie “Bumblebee” and scripts not yet released films “Batman” and “Batgirl”.

“Pirates of the Caribbean” is one of the most successful kinofranshizy in history. The total box office five films exceed $ 4.5 billion (314 billion). Though the last part turned out to be significantly less profitable than the past films, it has collected about 800 million dollars (56 billion) and ranked 12th in premiums in 2017.

In 2018, it was reported that Disney is considering a restart of the franchise “pirates of the Caribbean” without the stars of the original films johnny Depp. Later it became known that the new Central character is a woman.

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