Premiere of the first blockbusters after the pandemic has moved from July to August


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The premiere of the remake of “Mulan” and the movie of Christopher Nolan’s “Argument” was moved from July to August. This publication reports Variety.

“Argument” was to become the first big-budget film post-pandemic novel coronavirus infection. The premiere, originally scheduled for July 17, was moved twice: first on July 31 and now on August 12. Instead of “Argument” on 31 July in us cinemas will show the film Nolan’s “inception”, released 10 years ago.

Shortly after the announcement of Warner Bros. on transfer “Argument,” Disney changed the date of the premiere of “Mulan”. The film, which was supposed to come out July 24, will show in theaters until August 21. Earlier it was planned to release on March 27.

The postponement of the premiere of “Argument” is associated with the extension of quarantine measures in new York state. Because the theaters in new York and Los Angeles will not open until August, the Studio could lose a significant share of the American box office.

In turn, Disney is not willing to be the first film company, which released the blockbuster in the midst of a pandemic. According to analysts, the company moved the release of “Mulan” in order to evaluate possible risks on the example of “Argument”, shot by Warner Bros.

“Argument” — a new film by Director Christopher Nolan (“the Dark knight”, “interstellar”, “Dunkirk”) with Robert Pattinson and John David Washington in the lead roles. “Mulan” — play remake of the cartoon in 1998, which starred Chinese actress Liu Yifei. The budget of each film is not less than 200 million USD (14 billion rubles).

In the United States identified 2.6 million cases of infection by a new coronavirus infection that killed 127.7 thousand people. On Friday, June 26, the country has identified more than 45 thousand cases of infection. Such significant increase was not observed from the beginning of the pandemic.

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