Survivors coronavirus, the doctor became a “Mr. gay world”


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Fj Alv (Fran Alvarado) / Facebook

A doctor from Spain Fran Alvarado, had been ill in March coronavirus, learnt that became the winner of competition “Mr. gay world in 2020” despite the fact that the event was cancelled due to the pandemic. About it reports BBC News.

As told by 30-year-old man, working as a doctor in Madrid, he took part in the competition last year, but then took only the second place. This time the event was moved to 2021 due to pandemic coronavirus, and the title of “Mr. gay world-2020” was awarded Menu. The doctor found out about it a few weeks after he recovered from coronavirus infection contracted it in March. The man admitted that the news of the award of the title was a complete surprise to him.

Fran said not only about the importance of the movement for LGBT rights, but also urged all people to have complexes because of the appearance. He shows it by example, by showing the photographs in social networks that did not have a perfect body: young man started to go bald and have put on a little weight. Also, the doctor hopes that the coronavirus pandemic will end as soon as possible.

“Mr. gay world” — created in 2008, the contest, which is headquartered in Sydney (Australia). In addition to the sports competitions and fashion shows in a bathing suit, the participants also held a short interview with the jury. According to information posted on the website, the future Mr gay should “be compassionate and considerate person”, “to be able to Express their thoughts and have an intelligent conversation”, “have an innate charm and wit” and more. To become a participant of the competition may men aged 19 years.

Earlier it became known that in the UK delivered by a surrogate mother for a gay couple kids with a difference in three years. In 2017, the woman again brought the procedure of IVF, which became pregnant and gave birth for men first daughter Beatrice. In 2019, she agreed to make for the couple to have another baby conceived from frozen after the birth of Beatrice of the embryo.

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