The abovementioned advantages of electronic voting over traditional


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Electronic voting is of particular interest to the young native born “with a smartphone in their hands.” About it in conversation with the said IT Director of group of companies “Gazprom Stroytek Salavat” Anatoly Korsakov, speaking about the benefits of electronic voting over traditional.

“Digital vote no alternatives. No one goes to the office of “Yandex” to order a taxi, and writes down the statement on the filing machine. Is going to omit a piece of paper — the wildness in the twenty-first century, except for going to the toilet,” said Korsakov.

This opinion is shared by the Director of the center for coordination of projects of digital economy of the Nizhny Novgorod region Vladimir Raspopov. “With confidence we can say that the online format of voting has great potential in comparison with the full-time form. To date, received about 1.2 million applications for participation in electronic voting,” — said the expert.

He explained that the potential electronic form of voting is much broader: it accessibility, and the lack of reference to time and place. “In my opinion, electronic means confirming the identity of the now under-utilized in terms of voting and vote of the citizens. And these experiments are a logical continuation of the law digital rights of citizens”, — said Raspopov.

In his opinion, the interest in e-voting will arise from citizens of any age, because it gives new opportunities for all. “The blockchain technology allows us to be confident that our voice, put in a cell, or a chain of declarations of will of citizens, of events, they will not be altered, modified, or deleted. That is, you can be sure that your vote has been saved correctly, and the votes of millions of other voters. Otherwise, the circuit for the safety which is the responsibility of the technology will be destroyed”, — said the Director of the center.

According to the morning of June 27, voting on electronic voting on amendments to the Constitution exceeded 70 percent. The total number registered on the electronic voting amounted to 1 190 726.

A nationwide vote began on 25 June across Russia and will last until 1 July inclusive. It citizens are asked whether they approve the amendment to the Constitution. The Bulletin indicated the options “Yes” and “no”. Primary election day — July 1 — declared. Among the proposed amendments, the priority of Russian on international law and the right of the incumbent President of Russia to be re-elected for a new term and at the end of two presidential terms before the changes come into force. All the proposals approved by the constitutional court, the state Duma, the Federation Council and regional parliaments.

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