The release of a book exposing the trump demanded to ban


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The brother of the President of the United States Donald trump Robert filed a new lawsuit against the book’s publication niece of the head of state to Mary, which, as announced, it will show “revelatory portrait of Donald trump and toxic family that created it”. On it informs TV channel CNBC.

Previously Robert trump has appealed to the court demanding to ban the publication of the book, referring to signed by Mary in 2001, a non-disclosure agreement, which in the case of the publication will be broken. However, on Thursday, June 25, the court denied the request. Now brother American leader appealed to another court with the same requirements.

Lawyer niece trump Theodore Boutros-called second attempt groundless, and the prohibition of publication of books unconstitutional. The work itself Mary trump, in his words, is “an important political statement” about the President of the United States. He expressed confidence that this attempt of a relative of the head of state will fail. The victory assured the publishers of the book.

Mary trump — 55-year-old daughter of the deceased younger brother of Donald trump Fred. It is expected that her book “Too much is never enough: how my family created the world’s most dangerous man” will be released on July 28. As announced earlier, the niece of the President will reveal in the product information on taxes and other “shocking and obscene” incidents from the life of the American President.

Earlier in June, The Washington Post published excerpts from the book Mary trump that of US first lady Melania trump after winning her husband to the presidential election in 2016, has insisted that the new marriage contract. It was noted that it is required to increase the obligations of the spouse to support their son, Barron. Also, changes in the marriage contract was affected by news about a possible marital infidelity trump.

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