The Russian woman gave birth to a child and left it in the package under a Bush



In Udmurtia, the woman gave birth to a child on the street, put it in a bag and left under a Bush. In the end, the baby died from hypothermia. Now, Russian woman faces up to five years of imprisonment, reported on the website of the regional SU IC.

It is noted that it happened on April 15 this year. 35-year-old resident of the village of Balezino haven’t told anyone about her pregnancy. Feeling that starts to give birth, she went to the local House of culture. There she put the baby in the bushes, and she went home.

His action, the woman explained that she had no money for the child. In addition, it has not yet made the personal life. His guilt, a local resident is fully acknowledged.

In early April it was reported that a young resident of Lipetsk gave birth to a daughter three days hiding her corpse on the balcony, and then threw it in the trash. According to the woman, the child was born dead. However, the examination found on the body of the baby head injury.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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