The woman could not get pregnant and was a man



In India, the woman tried to get pregnant, but to no avail. Due to the outbreak of abdominal pain she had to go to the doctors. Doctors have found that throughout his life, the Indian was a man and did not even know about it, the newspaper reports PTI.

It is noted that a resident of Calcutta had all the biological signs of female. “Her voice, well-developed Breasts, external genitals — all this indicates that she is a woman,” said the oncologist Anupam Dutta. According to him, the patient has no ovaries and never menstruated.

She was married for nine years and spent a long time trying to get pregnant. After many tests, doctors confirmed that her true gender is male. Doctors also conducted karyotyping on which Indian women have identified male sex chromosome XY.

Abdominal pain, which she came to the doctors, turned out to be cancer of the testicle. As writes the edition, it was another shock for spouses. Currently the woman is undergoing chemotherapy, and doctors convinced the couple to live as before.

In medicine this phenomenon is called the syndrome of androgen insensitivity syndrome or Morris. People with this violation are born male with female biological characteristics. The syndrome is very rare and occurs in one of the 22 thousand cases. Surveying the family of the patient, doctors have identified a syndrome of Morris, her 28-year-old sister and two aunts. The doctors concluded that this problem is inherited and is likely to manifest in future generations.

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