U.S. judge ordered the release of migrant children from prisons because of the pandemic


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In the U.S. Federal district court judge for the Central district of California ordered the release of migrant children contained with their parents in U.S. immigration prisons. Reported by the Associated Press.

Judge Dolly Gee (Gee Dolly) opposed a prolonged arrests of migrant families during a pandemic of a new coronavirus infection. She referred to the outbreak COVID-19 in two of the three correctional facilities Immigration and customs enforcement (ICE), which include migrant children, and said that the time for half-measures anymore. Until July 17, all children should either be freed together with their parents, or sent to the guarantors of their families.

A solution of 124 g for juveniles, who spent more than 20 days in the immigration prison of ICE. Some of them are there since last year. The judge has provided several exceptions that could leave some children behind bars. In particular, Immigration and customs enforcement the United States has the right to refuse the release, in the absence of the child the right of the surety in the case if their parents refused the rights under the so-called settlement agreement Flores relating to refugee children.

According to recent reports, the United States identified 2.6 million cases of infection with novel coronavirus infection was lost to 127.6 thousand people. In the immigration prison of ICE COVID-19 sick more than 2.5 thousand people. In particular, the disease was diagnosed in 11 children and parents in family detention center in Texas.

In 2018 in the United States were protests against the separation of migrant children with their parents. After the speech, supported the first lady Melania trump, the American President signed a decree prohibiting such practices. After a year it became known that Donald trump continues to support the separation of migrant families.

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