Crowned before the collapse of the Soviet Union kingpin Combat Tbilisi received the case


www.vsyako.netThief in law Sumbat Abasov (Combat Tbilisi)IA “Prime Crime”

Thief in law Sumbat Abasov, known in criminal circles as Combat Tbilisi, accused under article 210.1 of the criminal code (“holding the higher position in criminal hierarchy”) and sent to jail Belgorod. On Sunday, June 28, reports the Agency “Prime Crime”.

According to him, the day before the court arrested the 53-year-old Abasov, basing on materials of employees of the Main criminal investigation Department of the MIA of Russia and their colleagues from Belgorod region. Kingpin was arrested June 16 in the transit area at attempt of illegal crossing Russian-Ukrainian border bypassing the border checkpoint.

Abasov is the native of Tbilisi and Yezidi by nationality. The title of thief in law, he received a year before the collapse of the USSR and a large part of his life spent in prison. Abasov has already confirmed to the investigators the presence of thieves title.

On June 27 it was reported that in Vologda investigators opened a criminal case against 42-year-old Russian criminal authority Valery Glebov (valeric) — “looking” for the region from thieves.

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