European countries changed the rules for airline passengers because of the pandemic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Charles Platiau / Reuters

During a pandemic COVID-19 air passengers in the European countries are required to wear a mask, starting with the departure airport and ending with the destination airport. Some airports were allowed to take one bag as hand baggage. About the new modified rules for airline passengers told the publication Deutsche Welle.

According to the instructions of the European Union, to change the mask must every four hours. Passengers are advised to carry at least one spare mask, since the inspection of Luggage and check-in is usually more than four hours. Passengers who can’t wear medical masks for medical reasons, get an exception to this rule.

At examination of Luggage of passengers must comply with the social distance is 1.5 meters, adhering to the special markings on the floor. The rule allowing you to take hand Luggage only one bag, should speed up the screening process and minimize the risk of infection with coronavirus in the airport.

The publication notes that a mandatory measure the temperature of all passengers, and special Seating on Board planes there, but the airlines can set their own rules on their own. For example, German airline Lufthansa will offer its passengers to be tested for the coronavirus directly at the airports.

In may abroad the Russians said about hard rules that are installed on a flight in Europe during the pandemic coronavirus. According to him, currently, to make a flight, for example, from Paris to Vienna is only possible for a valid reason — serious illness, death of relatives or on business, work-related, and written her confirmation, as well as with negative test results COVID-19.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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