In China called the three shortage of Russian women


www.vsyako.netPhoto: the Agency “Moscow”

Despite the beauty of Russian women, some foreigners are afraid to take them as wives due to several shortcomings. This is stated in the article, a Chinese journalist on the portal Sohu.

As noted by the author of the material, the appearance of Russian women that attract men from around the world, including from China, is the most mysterious phenomenon, along with stereotypes about Russia about bears and vodka. However, the journalist notes, such marriages are rarely for “three very real reasons.”

The first obstacle to marriage with a Russian woman, according to the Chinese — the differences in mentality and culture. Another important reason for the failing marriage he is called “daring nature” of Russian women. In particular, he didn’t like what they “like to drink”, showing thus his own “I” and showing your true character. The journalist also believes that the Russians do everything in a slipshod, sloppy in the details and not put my heart and soul to the important things.

In addition, continued the author of the article, rumor has it that the Russians after immediately after the wedding begin to lose shape and gain weight and therefore not likable Chinese men. However, he assured his readers that this is not so and the Russians are watching the figure.

However, the reporter said that when choosing a future spouse should not come from external data choice, and of its nature and understanding that you get along well together.

Informed wearer network spoke about the Russian who “bought” himself a Filipino, not speaking in Russian. She compared it to slavery, but later admitted that it still a real marriage. “For parents happiness is to successfully sell his daughter to be the wife of European, and even Russian” – she wrote.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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