Information about came from Russia to Europe radiation denied



National Institute for public health and the environment (RIVM) in the Netherlands denied information in the media about what the source of the increase of background radiation in Northern Europe was Russia. This Institute reported on its website.

At this stage it is impossible to determine the specific country of source, said the Institute. However, the organization claims that the radionuclides could still come to Europe from Western Russia.Also, scientists have suggested that the media mistranslated posted earlier information about the contamination.

The Executive Secretary of the preparatory Commission of the Treaty Organization the comprehensive nuclear-test-ban (CTBT) Lassina Zerbo wrote on Twitter that Sweden recorded an increase of background radiation. He also attached to record the map with marked area, which has become the alleged source of infection. The map highlighted the southern part of Sweden, Central Baltic sea and the North-Western part of Russia, including Leningrad oblast, Karelia, part of Arkhangelsk region.

Earlier it was reported that the sensors of radiation monitoring in Norway, Finland and Sweden registered in early June, exceeding the level of radioactive substances at the Northern borders of Russia. Media quoted the report of the National Institute of health and environment of the Netherlands that the radionuclides came from the West of Russia.

In Roshydromet said that excess levels of radioactive particles in the Baltic sea area is not detected. In “Rosenergoatom” also said that accidents at nuclear power plants of the North-West of Russia in June were not recorded emissions at the stations did not exceed control values.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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