Marvel was accused of racism


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Actor Anthony Mackie, known for his role as the Falcon in the franchise “the Avengers”, has criticized Marvel studios for lack of racial diversity in films. The creators of the film “the Black Panther” and he is accused of racism, because it, in contrast to the rest of the films, starring mostly black actors. The words of the actor are presented on the portal Screenrant.

“I am really concerned that I have participated in seven of the Marvel movies, where every producer, Director, stuntman, costume designer, and generally everyone around me was white,” said Maki.

The fact that a “Black Panther” most of the team — colored, according to the actor, as evidenced racism. “It’s more racism than anything else. Because if you can hire blacks in a movie about black people, why can’t you hire them also, but only in a movie where basically removed white?” — he was indignant.

Earlier, Australian singer Sia mixed black rapers KARDi Bi, and Nikki Minaj was also accused of racism by users on the network. In his Twiitter account she answered a question from one of our subscribers, who asked, when can we expect a collaboration with Minaj. To his post the user has made the hip-hop singer. “I love the Cardi Bi, and although it’s not a collaboration, I’d love to sing a duet with her at any time”, responded Sia. Later the singer deleted his comment, but he managed to return to the Internet.

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