Published “the best in 40 years,” a photo of a UFO


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Spacecowboy78 / Twitter

A resident of the Polish village Ostrovo photographed an unidentified flying object (UFO). Pictures are made in high quality, now experts verify their authenticity. Writes about this edition of The Mirror.

The man was riding his bike when he heard a strange sound. Turning, he saw a strange flying object, which was able to remove the camera mobile phone before he disappeared. Later, the eyewitness has shared five photos made with the Polish ufologist Robert Bernatowicz. He also asked not to reveal his name, so nobody considered him a “person with mental problems.”

Bernatovich addressed to the former chief of the investigations division of the British research Association UFO Mantle Philip, who said that made a photo of a UFO — the best of what he has seen over the last 40 years. The expert who studied pictures Jason Glew also confirmed their authenticity. The photo shows a metal object at an altitude of 150-200 ft (4.5 — 6 meters). However, the origin of the flying object is unknown.

At the end of April, the Pentagon officially unveiled three short videos, which show unidentified flying objects (UFOs) and declared their authenticity.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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