Russian blogger held a stream on pornosayte and disappointed subscribers


www.vsyako.netNick Vodovoda: nixelpixel / “Vkontakte”

Russian feminist and blogger Nika Wadud known as nixelpixel, called on its subscribers to join its online broadcast on one of the porn sites and donate funds to U.S. organizations to support sex workers. This tells the publication, “Medialeaks”.

In the stream the girl managed to collect about 220 euros (about 17 thousand). However, users and fellow member of Wadud was disappointed in such activities as support of pornography and prostitution, in their opinion, are not compatible with feminist views. In particular, the activists felt that sex work harms women’s mental health and makes people consider the female body a commodity.

In addition, subscribers were angered by the fact that blogger has launched the stream on the website, which publishes illegally taken videos, which stick to the girls and film it on hidden camera.

Subscribers began to publish under the posts Wadud materials explaining why the legalization of prostitution does not meet the ideals of feminism. Some accused blogers in support of the exploitation of women’s bodies and called her action disgusting. Someone was outraged that she raises money for the American sex workers in Russia, instead of to support their colleagues — their compatriots. Negative action nixelpixel appreciated another Russian feminist Bella Rapoport. The very same nick Wadud did not agree with criticizing her people.

Earlier it became known that the former Russian model, ecoactivists and feminist Aleksandra Shugai accused the German DJ of rape. Later he was arrested by the German police at the request of us authorities on charges of financial fraud and fraud on the Internet.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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