Russian scout recalled his feelings at the collapse of the Soviet Union


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Vitaly Timkivi / RIA Novosti

A former employee of the foreign intelligence Service Andrey Bezrukov, who has worked 20 years in the US, told the TV channel RTVi about his feelings when he saw over the Kremlin was lowered the flag of the USSR. An excerpt from an interview published Telegram-channel Pool “N3”.

According to scout, he was so sorry because he couldn’t even imagine “how people could go so far as to kill their country”. At that moment, he felt the hatred of those who are allowed to occur the collapse of the Soviet Union and who did it. Bezrukov considers them traitors.

Despite assurances that “everything has changed, Russia is no longer necessary to protect friendship-gum”, the scout and his colleagues didn’t believe it because it “knew … what these people are capable of and what their purpose.”

Previously declassified spy-illegal the Hero of Russia Yury Shevchenko, told how in 1970-ies was able to infiltrate one of the military bases of NATO on the territory of Spain and to obtain the necessary information about it. According to him, it helped that he was fond of painting.

In January, the Director of the foreign intelligence Service of Russia Sergei Naryshkin has declassified the names of seven of Soviet and Russian scouts-illegal immigrants — the hero of Russia Yury Shevchenko, Vitaly Netyksha and his wife Tamara, Heroes of the Soviet Union Eugenia Kim and Michael Vasenkova and Vladimir and Vitali Lohova Nyikina.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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