The vote in Moscow will start to use the new bags for newsletters


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Ramil Sitdikov / RIA Novosti

The safe packet with a sequence number of ballots will begin to use at the polling stations of Moscow, Sunday, June 28. This was announced by first Deputy head of the Public headquarters for the monitoring and surveillance of the national vote, the curator of the corps of observers Vadim Kovalyov, reports TASS.

“The decision of the CEC on the procedure of holding a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution does not require the presence of numbering on-time delivery of ballots Now released the safe packet a new sample with details,” — said Kovalev.

In turn, the official representative of the headquarters in Moscow, Alexander Asaph suggested to add in the memo for observers an additional instruction with a picture of a new safe-packages.

According to TASS, the papers put in the safe packages every day from 25 to 30 June in the evening after the vote in the presence of observers and with the cameras. Sayf-the packages are not opened until the beginning of counting of votes.

June 25 started a nationwide vote on amendments to the Constitution. Primary election day — July 1 — declared. As of the morning of June 28, more than 30 million Russians took part in the vote.

Among the proposed amendments, the priority of Russian on international law and the right of the incumbent President of Russia to be re-elected for a new term and at the end of two presidential terms before the changes come into force. All the proposals approved by the constitutional court, the state Duma, the Federation Council and regional parliaments.

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