30 thousand people suspected of pedophilia in Germany


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Investigators in the city of Bergisch Gladbach in North Rhine-Westphalia are investigating a case of pedophilia: they revealed 30 thousand persons suspected of violating antipedofilskogo legislation. This was stated by the Minister of justice of Germany Peter Biesenbach, reports Bild.

According to investigators, it is not only about individual criminals, but also about the whole international network, working mainly for the German region. Not all of the members of the group live outside of Germany.

It is the people who store and distribute child pornography, as well as those suspected of sexual violence and other “cases of abuse” with children, said Biesenbach. Law enforcement said that the members of the group actively communicate in group chats and messengers. There they discuss their crimes and share tips, in particular, on how to quieten the child to “seduce” him.

“Those [criminals] who fluctuated, the other [pedophiles] encouraged and forced to realize their intentions. We must recognize that the criminal treatment of children in the network distributed a lot more than we thought,” said Biesenbach. Because of this atmosphere on the offense are even those who initially were not going to make it, he said. According to the Minister, communication criminals in chat rooms it looks like they are discussing a matter of course. He lamented the fact that the law in Germany does not oblige you to store and to give information about user communications: because of this, these crimes are harder to uncover.

Biesenbach said that the group of investigators for cybercrime will begin active work on 1 July. First are cases in which we can talk about the real sexual abuse of minors.

The investigation began with the case of the pedophile network in the city of Bergisch Gladbach in October 2019. Then caught some of the offenders abused their own children. In order to find pedophiles, attracted up to 350 investigators.

Currently in this case are 72 people, 10 of them have been arrested, 8 against pressing charges. From the hands of pedophiles rescued 44 children, one of them three months.

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