A leading luxury lifestyle blogger caught in a multimillion-dollar fraud


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @hushpuppi

Blogger from Nigeria Raymond Abbas, known by the nickname Hushpuppi and telling Instagram about his luxurious lifestyle caught the multi-million dollar fraud in Dubai, UAE. Reported by the Daily Mail.

According to the publication, the FBI, the U.S. (Bureau led his case in conjunction with Dubai police) stormed the apartment of 38-year-old Nigerian, while he was sleeping, and arrested him. On the spot, they found and seized about $ 37 million in cash, as well as smartphones and computers, which contained data of more than two million victims of fraud. In addition to Abbas on suspicion of involvement in the criminal scheme was detained another 12 people.

According to investigators, the blogger along with his accomplices created fake versions of websites of famous companies and banks and lured to their subscribers, then stole the credit card information entered there by users. It is noted that a total of Abbas thus managed to steal more than 430 million dollars. His victims were citizens of Nigeria, the US and the EU.

It is expected that now the FBI will seek to extradite Abbas to the United States, because a significant number of the victims of his action are residents of this country. What kind of punishment he could face in this case is not specified.

On account of Abbas in Instagram signed by more than 2.4 million users. For the most part he publishes the pictures, which show in a private plane, next to expensive cars or surrounded by things known expensive brands. It is known that initially he was engaged in selling clothes in second-hand in one of the largest cities in Nigeria Lagos, and then moved to Dubai.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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