Called the danger of food delivery during a pandemic coronavirus


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Buying fruits, vegetables and other products through the services delivered, or in the places of spontaneous trade in Russia, you can catch intestinal yersiniosis, a disease that rats carry, and this probability is increasing on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. About it “” reported the Moscow doctors. In addition, information was confirmed by the respondents “” cases.

Yersiniosis refers to a group of acute infectious diseases. The infection transmitted mainly through food (fecal-oral mechanism of transmission). When yersiniosis body temperature can rise to 40 degrees, the disease is accompanied by intoxication, exanthema (rash), lesions of the gastrointestinal tract, and joints. Infection are prone to prolonged, retidiviruuschem and chronic course and may face problems with the immune system.

“” has sent a request to the Federal service.

Close to this service the doctor told me that last year Russia has registered the damage from confirmed cases of yersiniosis in the amount of 89.2 million rubles. The country reported 20 thousand cases of diseases. “The disease is not rare, he said. — With timely treatment — one hundred percent recovery.”

However, he noted that every year in Moscow there are about 200 cases, now, however, their exact number can not be called, because in early 2010-ies of the statistics of the disease has changed. “Therefore, it is difficult to say exactly how many occasions in Moscow. But hardly less than it was before, — said the doctor. But doctors say that, in their subjective estimates, the number of diseases is increasing slightly”.

He added that the finished food is not dangerous because this bacterium, like any other, dies at the slightest heat treatment. “Dangerous in the first place unwashed fruit,” — concluded the expert.

In April, the expert Council of the Russian Union of consumers “Roskontrol” said about safe ways of eating during a pandemic coronavirus. According to experts, the most dangerous are foods that do not require cooking, such as fruits and vegetables.

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