Co-host Solovyov commented the humiliation in the air with his hand


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Leading TV channel “Spas” and radio station “Vesti FM” Anna Shafran commented on bullying on the part of Vladimir Soloviev, with whom she for 12 years, he led the radio. On the issue of humiliation by co-host Shafran said in an interview with Ksenia Sobchak, a talk available on YouTube.

Sobchak and Saffron talking on the topic of feminism. Presenter asked the guest why she “hate hate” feminism. Saffron explained that she does not like the activities of the movement Femen and the fact that the activity of feminists in Europe have led to the fact that men are afraid to have women touch. Saffron said that he supports the thesis of feminism is about equality. Then Sobchak asked a leading, if she felt discrimination while working with Solovyov.

“In the history of his work never had never faced any gender discrimination. Not sure I should be so lucky,” said Saffron. This Sobchak said that Soloviev was regularly interrupted by the lead during their joint broadcasts, including shouting.

In response, the Saffron reported a similar attitude Solovyov has not had her influence. “I believe that this situation gave me an opportunity to get such a huge exposure, which are the envy of many,” stressed the leader.

This Sobchak noticed that, guided by this logic, one could justify slavery. “I’m sorry, but black people on the plantations centuries ago were also cool in physical form because I was forced to cut cane. But this does not mean that they will say that thanks to these plantations, they have become physically strong,” said Sobchak, adding that Saffron has gone through many humiliations, but continues to support Solovyov. “And I say — so the steel was tempered”, — concluded the guest.

In the final segment of the interview the audience “be Careful, Sobchak!” showed fragments, which Soloviev calls out the Saffron and hints at its inability to grasp the essence of events.

Saffron, together with Solovyov spent a long time morning show “Full contact” on the radio “Vesti FM”. Informed him she was on “Silver rain” transfer “Nightingale trills”. From the beginning of June after a dispute in the air Soloviev proposed Saffron to work with one. After that, they stopped to conduct a joint transmission. Presenter later explained that she quit because of differences with Solovyov.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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