Flight attendants solved the most annoying things passengers during a pandemic


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Mohamed Abd El Ghany / Reuters

Flight attendants several airlines revealed the most annoying things passengers travel during a pandemic coronavirus. About it writes Insider.

First, note flight attendants, many tourists have difficulties in the use of personal protective equipment — some take them off during the flight, put on wrong or did refuse to wear.

“Always onboard is a passenger who believes that the rules do not apply to him”, — said the employee of American airlines.

In addition, according to the interlocutor of the edition, many travelers neglect new hygiene regulations — for example, do not use disinfectants and constantly touching dirty hands of the person, including after visiting the toilet room.

In addition, the flight attendants admitted that they are annoyed when tourists are too often asked to pick up their garbage, as it increases the frequency of contacts and, consequently, increases the risk of spreading infections. Flight attendants advise clients in this situation to save waste and Deposit them in a specially designated time during the service.

“Wash your hands, treat everyone kindly, and never yell at the flight attendants,” concluded one of the employees of the carrier, stressing that their mission is to help people in the circumstances to travel safely.

June 23, stewardess American airlines showed in his video blog, as are her travels during a pandemic coronavirus. For example, when the employee went to the plane, the first thing she cleaned her workspace and all the objects around antibacterial wet wipes.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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