Girl with tattoo all over the body showed the buttocks after increasing


www.vsyako.netAmber briana of Lukfata: @ambs_luke

Australian blogger, on the body which caused more than 100 tattoos, shared with fans a new result of plastic surgery. Reported by the Mirror.

24-year-old amber Brian Hatch (Amber Breeana Luke) has published on his page in Instagram a series of pictures which showed what looked like her butt cheeks before and after treatment of their increase. It is noted that she underwent surgery during which the doctor drained the fat from other parts of her body and injected into the buttocks to make them look more round and toned.

“I was pleased with the lift despite the loss of large amounts of blood. I even had to wear diapers! At the moment, the swelling has decreased and I feel great,” said Luke, adding that “again feels like a man.”

Video, photo All from Russia.


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