Grandma walked with her granddaughter in the Park and found a big diamond


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Arkansas State Parks

In the U.S. state of Arkansas grandmother walked with her granddaughter in the Park “Diamond crater” and found the earth diamond weight of 2.23 CT. About it reported in a press release published on the website of the Park.

56-year-old Beatrice Watkins (Beatrice Watkins) visited the “Diamond crater” with her daughter and granddaughters. She sifted the soil in an attempt to find the treasure and noticed the sparkling in the sun, a large object. “I noticed the glitter, but had no idea what it could be diamond, she said. My daughter looked at similar stones on the Internet and assumed it was pyrite. So I put it in the bag and continued looking.”

An hour later, the family took a break and looked into a special center to register the find. There are representatives of the Park explained to Watkins that she found the diamond. “I was so happy and couldn’t believe it, she confessed. Yeah I still can’t believe it”.

The staff of “Diamond crater” stressed that Watkins found the diamond at the moment is considered the largest find for the year 2020.

American have not yet decided how it will dispose of the precious stone. While she plans to leave him a legacy of children and grandchildren.

Earlier it was reported that a visitor to the Park “Diamond crater” found diamond weight of 3.72 carats after watching instructional videos on YouTube. Following tradition, the American together with her son gave the gem the name — Avenger Caro (Caro Avenger).

Video, photo All from Russia.


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