Historian Sokolov said about the “terrible insult” from the victim they graduate students


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Historian Oleg Sokolov, charged with the murder of PhD student, SPSU Anastasia Yeshchenko, threw a tantrum in the hall of the St. Petersburg court and demanded to publish his correspondence with the girl. On Monday, June 29, reports “Rosbalt”.

During the meeting, Sokolov began to shout that the correspondence — “evidence” — must be disclosed at the trial. According to the historian, it contains “terrible insult” from the victim and “terrible things” that she allegedly wrote to Sokolov. According to the historian, upon learning this, “people will be able to understand what happened.”

Hysteria the accused was his reaction to the request of the state Prosecutor on how to conduct the process behind closed doors. The prosecuting attorney explained that it is unacceptable to openly examine the evidence, which reveal details of his personal life. After that, the defendant objected sharply and passed on raised tone, for which he received the remark.

On 23 June it was reported that historian Sokolov after the murder of PhD student Anastasia Yeshchenko threw a party, inviting home guests. The lack Yeshchenko Sokolov explained to the guests that she went to Moscow.

Oleg Sokolov was detained November 9, 2019 in Saint-Petersburg while trying to drown in the river Sink backpack with a severed female hands. He later admitted that he killed his student and mistress Anastasia Yeshchenko, then dismembered her body to dispose of evidence. After that, he allegedly planned to take their own life in the fortress in a Napoleon costume.

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