In Russia said about the tens of thousands of saved lives during the epidemic COVID-19


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Sophia Sadurska / AGN “Moscow”

Imposed by the Russian government restrictive measures, and responsible citizens helped save at least 80 thousand lives during the epidemic COVID-19. The relevant data presented in the study “how many deaths from COVID-19 managed to avoid the Russian society” conducted by experts from the Higher school of Economics.

Experts have calculated the difference between the predicted estimates of number of deaths (given the restrictions imposed and without them) and the actual mortality in the period from 1 March to 24 June. The work took into account the number of deaths from the coronavirus, as well as data on deaths of people for whom COVID-19 recorded as an accompanying cause of death.

As pointed out by the authors of the study, a high mortality rate prevented the large contribution of medicine in the diagnosis and treatment of patients. “The lives saved is the result of regulatory authorities and responsible behaviour of citizens and you cannot reliably separate these effects,” said one of the study’s authors, Vice-rector, Director of expert and analytical work of the HSE, Andrey Zhulin.

Earlier it was reported that Russia has moved to a new based on the principles of the world health organization (who), methodology for the calculation of deaths from the coronavirus. Now, consider the cases when the infection COVID-19 resulted in the complication of the underlying disease that caused the death of the patient. In this regard, the Federal statistics of mortality can occur adjustment.

In Russia for the last day recorded a minimal increase of infections with coronavirus in two months on April 29. April 29 in the country identified 5841 case of infection, 30 April — 7099. June 29 was recorded 6719 occasions. Most cases of infections in recent days has been revealed in Moscow — 782. Yesterday in the capital of the sick was recognized by 717 people. Recovered 4343 infected with a coronavirus. The total number of recovered Russians amounted to 403 430.

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