In the United States in the midst of coronavirus became less poor


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The poverty rate in the U.S. fell to 8.6 percent in April-may from 10.9 percent in January and February, despite the downturn of the economy in the midst of a pandemic of coronavirus and rising unemployment. This is stated in the study “Income and poverty in the period of the pandemic COVID-19” experts Institute the Becker Friedman of the University of Chicago.

Over the last 20 years this figure has fallen by more than one percentage point only once. During a pandemic coronavirus in the country is about six million less of the poor. They were able to improve their financial situation due to anti-crisis support from the state.

Until may 22, the United States paid to citizens of benefits in the amount of 257 billion dollars, $ 140 billion Americans received in April-may on the programme of unemployment insurance. This unprecedented government spending, the report said. And income rose in April by more than 10 percent. Two-thirds of Americans, which has allocated an additional $ 600 in the form of benefits, will now receive more than when I worked.

For 13 weeks, starting in mid-March, more than 49 million people have applied for unemployment insurance. The employment rate fell by 14 percent in April, a record decline for the month.

US GDP in the first quarter of 2020 fell 4.8 percent, which was the largest crisis since the great depression of the 1930-ies. In March, the Senate adopted the decision to allocate two trillion dollars to support the economy of the country in may, the government has allocated three trillion dollars for this purpose. The Federal reserve system (FRS) is conducting an unprecedented amount of quantitative easing (purchase of securities from banks) to stimulate the economy.

Earlier, Russia reported on the victory over extreme poverty, it was discussed in the national report on the implementation of the sustainable development Goals (sdgs), which was submitted to the UN.

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