In the United States the Church gave rebellious assault rifle



In the town of Troy in upstate new York in the Baptist Church has given away rioting over the death of an African-American George Floyd assault rifle AR-15. This publication reports the Times Union.

It is noted that all occurred on Sunday, June 28. In place of the protests came, and the organizers of the movement Black Lives Matter (BLM, “black Lives matter”). There were so many people that the peaceful visitors to the temple could not attend the service. In particular, the citizen could not get along with the children in the crowd, therefore she had to push. When this rebellion began to shout in megaphones phrases such as: “save these children”.

Parishioners tried to resist the rebellious people, which clashed. Arrived on the scene and law enforcement agencies. According to police captain Stephen Barker, during the disassembly there were no arrests. “Our officers were on the scene. But most police officers were appointed and sent here to control the traffic in the city,” he said.

Later one of the officers stood near the temple and advised not to leave the building to parishioners and not to provoke new clashes. In response to this, the Baptist Church began to shout: “They [the protesters] hate you” and then the crowd shouted that despises the police. In addition, one rebel said, “Your Church is going to burn tonight.”

The name of the movement BLM is consonant with the main slogan of the protests that gripped dozens of American cities: their members are struggling with systematic oppression of black people in the US and police brutality. Protests, occasionally turning into riots and looting started after black George Floyd died during the arrest.

Yesterday it was reported that the Anglican Church called Jesus dark-skinned. “Jesus was Middle Eastern he was not white. It is important that we remember” — called spiritual leader of the Anglican Church the Archbishop of Canterbury Justin Welby. Also he did post his “favorite images” the black Christ from around the world.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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