Iran revealed the reasons for the destruction of the Ukrainian Boeing 737


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Reuters

The Prosecutor’s office in Iran opened causes the destruction of the Ukrainian Boeing 737 in January 2020. About it reports Reuters.

Tehran pointed out that the Ukrainian aircraft was shot down as a result of human error, not ordered by the highest military authorities of the country. Thus, the operator of anti-missile system had information released cruise missiles. However, he was not able to correctly determine where North is, so suspicion fell on the soaring plane.

Then the operator sent a message to headquarters about the situation, but did not get an instant response. As a result, the operator has released the aircraft two missiles at intervals of 26 seconds, one of them hit the target. It is noted that such actions violated the instruction. It is known that all involved in the tragedy were arrested.

Earlier, Iran’s government has refused to send the black boxes of the Boeing 737 was shot down in January in Tehran to Ukraine. The reason for this step is called the delay of Kiev with the response to Tehran about the fate of the flight recorders. The black boxes will likely be sent to France.

Boeing 737-800 of the company “Ukraine International airlines” (UIA) crashed on take off from Tehran airport on the morning of 8 January. Killed 176 people, including citizens of Iran, Ukraine, Canada, the UK, Germany, Sweden and Afghanistan as well as nine crew members. Iran acknowledged that the plane was shot down by mistake.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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