Lukashenko urged to think about the fake theory of the origin of the coronavirus


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President of Belarus Alexander Lukashenko urged to consider the theory of artificial origin of the pandemic of SARS coronavirus CoV-2, which has been repeatedly refuted and deemed a fake. He said this on television, it is quoted by “Interfax”.

“This pandemic is man-made “event”? I don’t know. You think,” — said Lukashenko stressed that have already expressed similar thoughts two months ago.

Belarus leader speculate about the possibility that SARS CoV-2 was created in laboratories with the purpose of redivision of the world. In his opinion, such a scenario can be invented to the United States and China was “butting heads” and divided the existing global markets, “fastened to other countries” through economic measures. However, the country, which could create a virus, he did not name.

Lukashenka himself has repeatedly said that the panic over pandemic is nothing more than psychosis. The President advised Belarusians to be treated with vodka, bath and work on the tractor. In addition, he has repeatedly criticized Moscow for introduced quarantine measures and called them the absolute stupidity and bungling.

The theory that the pandemic coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 began because of the failure of laboratory studies or have been caused deliberately, repeatedly denied the who and international research institutions as early as March. The experts admitted that the virus could not be removed artificially.

The basis for the emergence of such hypotheses was information that in the Chinese city of Wuhan, where the spread of the pandemic, acted Biolabs, where do in 2015 brought the coronavirus. However, as reported by the portal Naked Sciens, it was a completely different virus. In Russia one of the most popular of fake theories was the theory that the virus was created in the state scientific center “Vector”, and then by the explosion he had been deliberately circulated on the territory of Russia and China.

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