Model hair cut kid scissors on the camera and was laughed at


www.vsyako.netPhoto: @modelrecommends

Model and writer ridiculed for the haircut that she did herself on the quarantine imposed over outbreaks of coronavirus. Published in her Instagram account the video drew the attention of the journalists of The Sun.

Blogger Ruth Crilly (Ruth Crilly) received instructions proper haircut from his Barber Catherine De Rosario (Katherine De Rozario). Home of British women were not professional scissors, so instead she used the baby which are designed for safe cutting of paper.

So, placed frames Crilly first gather hair into four smaller beam, and then divided the remaining bottom strands in two parts with rubber bands and tried to trim the ends. However, the cut turned out uneven because the baby was not sufficiently sharp. Despite this, blogger, finished the cut in the same way.

“Katie has thinning shears, which are designed for cutting hair. And I have the only baby that you can’t cut your fingers. I was sure that they, too, are perfect,” he joked About the process and added that he was willing so much to spoil the hair.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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