Muslims in China forced to eat pork


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The Chinese authorities forced the Muslim Uighurs are dumplings of pork during the traditional Khan Duan festival (festival dragon boat) to destroy minority cultures. This statement was made by the world Uyghur Congress, reports the Daily Mail.

According to activists, the Beijing officials deliberately in the celebration, which marks the people of the Uighurs, were brought to their house of forbidden food. While those who refused to use them, were sent to camps of re-education.

“Those who refused to celebrate the dragon boat festival, do not eat a dish is brought, the government could blame the rejection of Chinese culture and power to send for correction” — said the representative of the world Uighur Congress, Dilxat Raxit (Dilxat Raxit).

About the oppression of Uighurs in China, reported Associated Press. According to the publication, the government is taking stern measures to reduce the birth rate among these people as part of a major campaign to curb Muslim population. Women from minority communities are regularly subjected to inspections for pregnancy, hundreds of thousands of forced abortions and conduct sterilization operations. Judging by the statistics, which examined the publication in recent years across the country, the number of sterilization cases dropped, but in Xinjiang, where most Uyghurs live, has increased dramatically.

Associated Press journalists also spoke to 30 victims of such actions of women, they said that, furthermore, forced transactions, they are subjected to political and religious re-education in special camps, and the children at this point in orphanages.

Earlier in China after the ban is considered edible dogs began the festival of dog meat. The event, timed to the summer solstice, is, notwithstanding the exclusion of dogs from the list of animals, which can be cultivated for food.

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