Named recipients of the minimum wage “alcoholics and rogue” Bonia itself received the minimum wage


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Russian TV presenter, ex-member show “Dom-2” Victoria Bonya in his Instagram account said that he had received the minimum wage from the state. Previously, she criticized the system of minimum wage (SMIC) and call receiving that amount of Russians “alcoholics and lowlifes”.

According to the leader, she received a message from the accountant to pay the minimum wage in the form of subsidies from the state. Bonia said he was not asked to apply for this amount and said that the money “will not be able to cover the losses they incurred during idle time”.

She stated that it intends to give the money to the poor family who really needs them. Bonia also expressed readiness to transfer the two payments in the amount of the minimum wage in a large family. To select recipients she is planning in the comments under the post. “It is a pity that the overhead is in the amount of 150 thousand, and only 12 thousand that she offers to the government”, — concluded the leader.

In mid-June Bonia criticized the system of minimum wage. In her opinion, better to help businessmen, not to give money to “alcoholics and rogue”. Later, the presenter said that only talked about people who “turned into trash.” She also added that he opposes raising the minimum wage.

In April, Russian unemployed who applied to the employment service after March 1, was assigned the maximum possible payout of $ 12 130 rubles a month. It complies with the Federal minimum wage.

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