Protection shot colleagues Shamsutdinova has demanded trial by jury


www.vsyako.netRamil of Shamsutdinovich: telegram-channel “Mash”

The protection of soldiers of R. Shamsutdinova, who shot his colleagues in a military unit in Transbaikalia, plans after reviewing the case to request the court with participation of jurors. On Monday, June 29, reports RIA Novosti with reference to the lawyer of the accused.

According to the lawyer Ravil is Not, it will be more objectively. He also said that the essence of the greater part of the materials of the case the defense is already known, although familiarity with the case lawyers Shamsutdinova has not yet started, so both are temporarily outside of Chita.

Earlier it was reported that another lawyer of the accused complained to the President of Russia Vladimir Putin ignored the consequence of extortion, beatings and theft suffered by soldiers during service. A copy of the letter the lawyer Ruslan Nagiyev published in his in his Instagram account. According to counsel, the Shamsutdinova stole a mobile phone and Bank card, which was credited with a salary of a soldier. In addition, one of his colleagues extorted from soldier money generated by Shamsutdinova from his father. In a criminal case on this fact was denied.

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