Supporters of Macron defeated in the elections


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The party of the President of France Emmanuel Makron “Go Republic!” was defeated by the representatives of the “green movement” in the second round of municipal elections. This writes the newspaper Le Monde.

As noted, supporters of the head of state was defeated in large cities, including Lyon, Bordeaux, Strasbourg. The party “Europe Ecology Green” in turn, has set a record for the number of “conquered” settlements and thus came out the winner of these elections. Much of the success of the “green” due to their previous achievements in the European Parliament, and a pandemic outbreak of coronavirus, which a number of experts associated with the problems of climate change, said Le Parisien.

After the election, the Makron, concerned about the devastating situation of his party, promised to implement a project to improve the environmental situation in the country. There are plans to allocate 15 billion euros. In addition, the President of France announced the intention to hold two referendums on environmental issues. According to him, the first of these should take place by 2021.

The second round of elections was held on 28 June amid a record low turnout came to only 40 percent of voters. As noted by Deutsche Welle, it was even lower than in the first round, which took place in March. Then the vote came in 44 per cent. Elections were held in 4.8 thousand municipalities of the Republic.

In may, the party of “go Republic!” lost the absolute majority in the lower house of Parliament (national Assembly). This is due to the release of many members of her faction.

In recent years, the popularity of Macron is markedly reduced. This was facilitated by including a row over the security guard of the President, the mass protests of the movement “yellow jackets” and the pandemic coronavirus.

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