The dollar is predicted serious crash


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The second wave of the coronavirus in the U.S. could dramatically undermine the dollar, which will considerably lose in the price. To this conclusion came several analysts and organizations, write “Vedomosti”.

In particular, according to the former head of Morgan Stanley Asia Stephen roach, the negative option includes a drop in domestic savings 5-10 percent of national income. The analyst predicted that, together with a record public debt situation will lead to the fact that the dollar in 2021 will drop by a third against major currencies.

A serious collapse of the American currency and expect at Deutsche Bank as an exit strategy from the epidemic in the USA looks significantly worse than in other countries.

Concerns about the actions of Washington and confirms the international Institute for management development, which last week published a ranking of competitive economies in the world. The USA dropped seven positions to tenth place.

Managing Director UK “Sberbank asset management” Eugene Linchik noticed that a second wave of coronavirus have not yet perceived too seriously, but if it happens, it will seriously impair business activity in the United States.

Another factor in the weakening of the dollar may be the action of the Federal reserve system (FRS), which pours money through a new stimulus package of the economy.

In recent days, the United States registered a sharp increase in the number of new cases of coronavirus. For this reason, in California again closed cafes, restaurants, parks and other public places. Tightened restrictions in Texas, new York, new Jersey and Connecticut, as well as in San Francisco.

Monday, June 29, the dollar for the first time in the last two weeks exceeded 70 rubles. The reason for this was the decline in oil prices.

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