The number of victims of the explosion in a house in Moscow has increased


After the explosion in a residential house on the street of Drifters in the North-East of Moscow for medical assistance to seven people, one person was killed. On Monday, June 29, TASS reported.

Earlier it was reported about five victims seeking medical help.

According to the REN TV channel, among the victims, a 33-year Sureview M, 71-year-old In Shatskaya, 25-year-old Koshkin V., 61-year-old Stashkov, V., and 67-year-old Kolochava V. it is Noted that two women required hospitalization.

Monday afternoon, June 29, burned four apartments third floor of the building. The fire area was about 70 square meters. The preliminary cause of the incident was called a gas leak or disruption of the operation of the gas equipment.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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