The Russians gave five tips for restoration after isolation


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To recover after a long stay in the mode of isolation, to establish metabolism and realign the body, it is recommended to walk at least twice a day and eat more fruits and vegetables. These and other Council gave the Russians a senior researcher at the faculty of fundamental medicine, Moscow state University endocrinologist Zuhra Pavlov in conversation with the “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

“People were isolated, in fact, immobilized, because of the greatly reduced amount of physical activity. The food was available in large quantities. And this was a very high level of stress,” said the doctor. To help the body, according to her, possible, following the five rules. First, Pavlov recommends that to compensate for the lack of physical activity is walking, which should help to improve the physical condition of the person.

Second, a physician’s advice to schedule an appointment with a physician and tests to assess metabolic state. “The doctor on reception will measure blood pressure and pulse and assess clinical signs of the presence or absence of large health problems, cardiovascular, e.g.,” — said Pavlov.

Furthermore, the overall body condition can be improved if to add to the diet more vegetables and fruits, but “the most important thing is not to overdo it”. According to Pavlova, one of the peach would be more useful than a Cup of peaches. To improve metabolism and promote a fat burning also water can. “Water from the body toxins, improves metabolism, and regularly consuming water, we interrupt the constant desire to eat,” said the doctor.

In conclusion, Pavlov noted that hormonal regulates, in particular, has established a sleep mode. “People who go to bed after midnight will have a lot more fat and worse health status than those who goes to bed on time, that is until 23 o’clock,” she said, urging Russians to go to bed early.

Formerly a leading researcher of the laboratory of social and cognitive psychology the Institute of biomedical problems Russian Academy of Sciences Anna Yusupova gave the Russians the Soviets to return to work after exclusion. She noted that the load must be increased gradually, thus distributing it.

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