The Russians massively rushed in one direction to the sea


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Irina Bujor / “Kommersant”

Russian tourists rushed in one direction to the sea — tour operators record a sharp growth in the demand for tours in Sochi on the background of the pandemic coronavirus. This was reported on the portal of the Association of tour operators of Russia.

So, according to travel companies, requests for vacation in the region began to arrive EN masse immediately after June 21, when in Krasnodar region were lifted quarantine measures. First and foremost, vacationers book their arrivals in July, but the gradually increasing number of applications throughout the depth of the season.

Experts stress that the number of rounds exceeds the sales figures in the same period last year. It is assumed that if the stay abroad will remain for the Russians are still unavailable due to the imposition on the background of the spread of infection restrictions, growth in demand may continue.

It is noted that the surge in the popularity of the resort was promoted by such factors as the opening of accommodation facilities of different sizes, objects of tourism interest, points of public catering, as well as the cancellation of the new rules at check-in in local motels, in particular, need to present the certificate on absence of COVID-19.

On June 27 it was reported that this year on the black sea coast, the most expensive four and five star hotels. They are in demand among wealthy Russians, who, because of the pandemic coronavirus are unable to go on holiday abroad.

Safe and controlled startup of the internal tourism in Russia was held in early June. In the first stage, open the sanatorium with the medical license. Also, the authorities are developing rules to open further hotels, beaches, resorts, cruises and other components of the tourism industry. A full season will open in Russia on July 1.

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