The Russians put up for sale T-34 tank


www.vsyako.netPhoto: press service of the FSB in the Chelyabinsk region

Muscovite put up for sale the original tank T-34-85 service announcements Avito. At the announcement drew the attention of the journalists of the newspaper “Vzglyad”.

“Sold suspension Soviet medium tank T-34-85, after a complete renovation, the original, 1945, demilitarized. Documents to the property. Willing participant in the Victory Parade,” reads the description below the ad. The price of the goods is not specified.

In addition, the seller sells the reactive system volley fire BM-13N “Katyusha” on the chassis “Studebaker” for 5.2 million rubles.

To the number of completed ad user includes cars ZIL-131, Ural-4320, and various guns.

In June 2018 in St. Petersburg began to trade made for Putin “Volga”. The announcement of the sale of the car GAZ-21 “Volga” appeared on the platform “whirligig”. It is known that in 2004, the GAZ factory has released three such machines. Two of them are owned by the President, and the third, a black “Volga” — the staff of KB found in the Leningrad region.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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