The woman allowed the children to paint his bare chest and went to jail


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In the Indian state of Kerala arrested activist Fatima Rehana (Rehana Fathima) who published a video in which children draw with markers on her naked chest and stomach. This publication reports the Hindustan Times.

Footage to Facebook and YouTube, because of which she went to jail, was accompanied by fasting, condemning the attitude to the female body and nudity, accepted in Indian society. “And how beauty is subjective, so subjective and pornography,” he ended. The woman allowed the children to paint themselves when vacationing in connection with eye disease, says The Indian Express.

After the publication of the video, the representative of the conservative party “Bharatiya Janata party” has addressed in police with the complaint. She claimed that the post Fatima is a child pornography and violate Indian Law on the protection of children from sexual offences.

After the arrest of activist accused of sending materials of a sexual nature by means of electronic communications and violation of a provision of Indian Law on juvenile justice. Has been violated the Law on the protection of children from sexual offences, is not yet established.

The actions of Fatima repeatedly caused complaints of conservative activists. In 2018 she tried to visit Sabarimala Hindu pilgrimage place in Kerala, where before were not allowed women. This resulted in scandal, after which Muslim Jamaat announced her excommunication, and the protesters destroyed her house. In 2019, the conservative activist accused Fatima in the publication of images that offend the feelings of believers. She was arrested and held in jail for two months.

In January it was reported that in Utah, a judge upheld a law according to which the naked female breast is recognized obscene. Its abolition required a 28-year-old Tilly Buchanan, which was threatened with criminal punishment after the children of her husband saw her naked Breasts.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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