Years becoming dusty in the wardrobe the old woman the old vase was estimated at millions of dollars


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The art consultant from the Netherlands have discovered Chinese porcelain vase of the XVIII century in the closet we live in the countryside of the old woman. This publication reports the Daily Mail.

A resident of a remote village in Central Europe has caused Johan Bosch van Rosenthal (Johan Bosch van Rosenthal) to assess how much of the old vase, which is 60 years gathering dust in her closet. Art consultant immediately realized it was the vase of the Emperor of China’s Qing dynasty, which once belonged to the famous collector of Oriental ceramics Harry Gardner. He was surprised how well it has been preserved in the village house where there were cats running around.

Van Rosenthal got in touch with the Chairman of auction house Sotheby’s Asia Nicolas Chow (Nicolas Chow). He was so surprised the discovery that he personally flew to Europe to see her. The expert examined the vase, convinced of its authenticity and estimated it to 9-11,6 million dollars (628-809,4 million).

Art consultant found out that the vase was made in 1742. She was put in the forbidden city where only the Emperor and his entourage were able to see. Later vase re-sold several times at auction, and until recently it was considered lost.

Earlier it was reported that a UK resident accidentally bought at a flea market Chinese vase and sold it at auction for 380 thousand pounds (32.6 million rubles). He bought a yellow vase painted in just one pound (about 86 rubles) and did not realize the full value of purchase not yet put the thing on eBay, where it now want to buy up dozens of people.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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