A drug mule accidentally brought eight kilograms of cocaine directly into the hands of the police


www.vsyako.netPhoto: Merseyside Police

The mule in the English town of Windsor, County Muricid accidentally brought a large consignment of cocaine in the house which is at this moment searched by the police. This publication reports the Liverpool Echo.

About nine in the morning the police searched the house of the suspect in the crime. At this point, the resident of the house arrived unexpectedly and gave him the parcel — packing of toys, wrapped in paper with a picture of a children’s fire truck. On the packaging it mentioned that this toy for children aged two years.

Inside the toy, the police found eight kilograms of cocaine, the cost of which, depending on the purity of the substance, can achieve 600 thousand pounds (51,6 million).

Law enforcement officers arrested 42-year-old resident of the home on suspicion of importing drugs into the UK. It is suspected possession of cannabis.

The inspector of police Mereside Yon coot (Jon Coote) urged County residents to cooperate with law enforcement and report suspicious activity associated with the drug. “We will take measures to remove from the streets those people and their drugs,” he said.

Earlier it was reported that in the U.S. state of Texas drug dealer mistakenly delivered a 32 pack of marijuana the family of local residents. “Marijuana will remain in us until, until we find its owner. If she belongs to you, please visit her at the police station Harris County,” wrote the Sheriff of the local police, accompanied by the text of the laughing Emoji.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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