Abnormally thick hair of a newborn baby were surprised by the staff of the hospital


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Pregnant woman with husband was amazed at the abnormally thick hair of her daughter, whom they saw on the doctor during the ultrasound. Meanwhile, according to the Metro.

Jordanian Alexander bond (Alexandra Bond) told reporters that in the 34th week of pregnancy, she went for an examination. During the procedure it became clear that on the head of her child growing MOP of dark hair. “I couldn’t believe my eyes. I thought that all babies are born bald,” admitted the woman.

According to bond, after birth the appearance of her daughter Maya (Maya) has amazed the medical staff of the hospital. “The nurses and doctors turned to me and said that during his work at the hospital have not seen a newborn with such long hair,” — said the heroine of the material.

The woman notes that at the moment passers-by are constantly complimenting the hair of her daughter. The girl’s mother also told reporters that every day washes the hair of Maya and selects the clips to her various outfits.

In may, a year-old girl from the UK became famous due to abnormally thick hair. Gabriel became famous after her mother Denika Kaneva has published pictures of girls online. Users have admired her hair and compared it to Rapunzel.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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