According to exit polls on the vote on the Constitution found the explanation


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The results of the exit polls nationwide ballot on the issue of changing the Constitution of the Russian center for public opinion research (VTSIOM) and Fund “Public opinion” (FOM) is generally similar, their results correlate with each other, showing a fairly high level of support for the constitutional amendments. So in conversation with “ru” commented the political scientist, the expert AISI Alexander Rudakov.

“I think the opinion polls and Fund “Public opinion” expressed the real picture of public sentiments,” he said.

The analyst stressed that the opinion Poll of Fund “Public opinion” conducted social scientists. At the same time, he refuted allegations of massive vote of Russians against the amendments to the Basic law.

According to the expert, “this picture may be interesting is that already quite a fanatical supporter of the non-systemic opposition, who believes that everyone around him share his world, share his views, and no one else around does not exist.”

“It is rather a political fiction, which has the same relation to sociology, as voodoo priests and witch doctors to medicine. That is, it is a politicized manipulation of figures under a predetermined result. And if you look at the picture that they paint, it seems absolutely fantastic,” said Rudakov, noting that “in these polls with huge turnout of a huge number of people, more than 60 percent in a single impulse is to vote against the amendments.”

“That is, the picture is one of political infantilism, combined with fabulous propaganda narrative, the purpose of which is not to cast doubt on the results of the referendum, but rather to convince themselves and their supporters in the presence of an alternative picture of reality, to preserve the mobilization within its own political camp,” concluded the analyst.

As reported owned by Grigory Berezkin the RBC, according to the exit poll by FOM, the data which is relevant on the evening of 29 June, 26.6% of respondents refused to talk about your choice. Among the remaining 78.2 per cent said they supported the amendments. 21.2 percent said that they voted against it, and 0.6 percent reported that spoiled the ballot. On June 29 the data exit polls has also published VTSIOM: 29.4 per cent of respondents did not answer the question. For changes to the law voted by 76 percent of the remaining respondents VTSIOM, 23.6 per cent voted against.

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