Alaska will decide the fate of the monument to the head of the Russian settlements Baranov


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The mayor of the city of Sitka, Alaska, Gary Paxton, said the decision of destiny of a monument to the chief Governor of Russian colonies in North America, Alexander Baranov. He told RIA Novosti.

According to him, the city Council will consider this issue in July-August. The head of the Sitka expressed hope that the process will be “positive, constructive and respectful of all parties involved in the matter, respecting our history”.

Sitka city Manager John Leach said that “the only thing that happened is a short 30-minute silent protest in which the protesters were asked to remove the statue and which began before the city Council meeting on June 23”.

According to protesters, the statue that gave the city a local wealthy family in 1989, offends the feelings of the indigenous peoples. While in Sitka there are defenders of the monument, which point to its historical and artistic value.

Protests against racism in American cities in recent weeks are increasingly leading to the desecration and destruction of monuments. Demolished not only the monuments to the leaders of the Confederation, but, for example, a monument discovered America, the Explorer Christopher Columbus, the first President and one of the founders of the United States George Washington, as well as the author of the national anthem Francis Scott Key. President Donald trump gave the forces of the Federal government the right to arrest anyone who exposes vandalism or destroying monuments. For such an offence are punished with imprisonment up to ten years.

Russian colonization of North America occurred in the XVIII — XIX centuries. The decision to sell Alaska the United States was approved December 16, 1866, Emperor Alexander II, Ministers of Finance and of the naval Ministry of the Russian envoy in Washington Baron Eduard Stelem. Area of more than 1.5 million square kilometres was sold for 7.2 million dollars in gold.

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