Became known details of the individual broke the car FSO soldier before the parade


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Soldiers of Nikita Eroshenko, broke the glass of the car FSO before the parade on red square, is an orphan. This became known to the newspaper “Kommersant”.

According to the source, Eroshenko was born in Kaluga, where he graduated from Kaluga College of electronic equipment majoring in “technician-programmer”. Last fall he was drafted into the army, in determining the 27th Sevastopol guards motorized rifle brigade, which is stationed in New Moscow.

“Almost immediately” after the call Eroshenko was selected to participate in the Victory parade and identified in the state settlement, the newspaper said. In this regard, though he was appointed to the thrower, not participated in training with military weapons at the sites, and basically practicing marching on the parade ground.

June 24, Eroshenko, which was to be held in the historical part of the column of troops, shortly before the start of the parade on red square attacked the car of FSO, breaking the glass with his rifle butt. According to an eyewitness from among the officers who followed the procedure with original positions on Manezh square, half an hour before the parade between the two fighters historical company skirmish ensued, which turned into a fight. One of them — it was Eroshenko — knocked out, than he began to resent. Despite the warning from the employee of the military counterintelligence, the soldiers began to shout and butt of the weapon smashed the glass of the van security services. Brawler immediately arrested, subsequently he was hospitalized for psychiatric evaluation. About excitation of criminal case was not reported.

Video, photo All from Russia.


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